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Kunal has developed a medicolegal practice throughout various locations nationwide. Supported by a professional and dedicated team at Manchester Hand Surgeons, we guarantee to offer our patients a thorough, efficient, and quick service. 

Providing information and impartial advice for both sides of the legal system, both for the plaintiff and defendant solicitors, Kunal ensures a balanced opinion, always. 

In terms of report charges, these are within the prescribed rates, and urgent reports are available through our regular clinics. 

As one of the most highly respected hand surgeons throughout Cheshire and Manchester, at The Manchester Hand Surgeon, we’re proud to offer a range of services to support all hand and wrist complaints. 

For any further enquiries, please contact Adele Shawcross, Medical Secretary, on 01625 468751 


Clinical Negligence 

Kunal Hinduja has over 10 years’ experience in the field of preparing and scripting medical reports. Specialising in hand and wrist surgery within the practice, we will only prepare and provide medical reports in these prescribed areas. 

Kunal can, and does, report on personal injuries, work-related injuries, and clinical negligence and does, on occasion, receive instructions from both the defendant and the claimant. 

At Manchester Hand Surgeons, we aim to follow all instructions professionally and per our medical responsibilities in line with our duty of care. 

Click HERE for our full Terms and Conditions. 

Personal Injury 

At  Manchester Hand Surgeons, we can prepare personal-injury reports for both claimants and defendant solicitors. 

Our experience, expertise, and knowledge in this area are second to none, providing an impartial opinion, that is not only robust, but it is based on clinical experience and medical literature (where appropriate and relevant). 

Within the practice, the team and I review a range of injuries all relating to the hand (including the fingers and thumb) and wrist, covering point in time injuries as well as ongoing medical conditions. 

We base each report on our thorough clinical examinations and initial assessments of the claimant. 

From here, we will outline the extent of the injury sustained, the treatment we would recommend, the ongoing care that will be required, and the lasting effects (if any) the injury has and can potentially cause. 

The report will also further outline the impact the sustained injury could have on current and future employment and also provide an opinion on whether the injury now renders the claimant disabled under the Disability Act. 

During the assessment and clinical examination, we would be able to establish an approximate timeline for the injury, if the effects of the injury were long term, and the effect and impact this would have on the claimant’s ability to carry out everyday tasks and activities. 

We can also provide an opinion on the level of inconvenience caused as well as the level of suffering, for legal purposes and where required. 

All reports are fully compliant with CPR and, as previously mentioned, will only cover areas of Kunal’s expertise, the hand, and the wrist. 

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