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At Manchester Hand Surgeons, we continuously strive to offer our patients the very best treatments, all matched with an exceptional level of service, care, and attention.

Feedback from our patients is invaluable. It is what helps us to grow and develop, as well as showcase our services to others.

Choosing the right surgeon and the right team for you is a big decision. A decision which can be more difficult if no one close to you has had a similar experience.

That’s why knowing someone or reading and learning about real-life people who have been treated by Kunal and the team at Manchester Hand Surgeons can help to put your mind at rest.

Offering you peace of mind that your hands are in safe hands.

Place your trust and confidence in our surgical team. 

A team that has proven testimonials from happy customers. Customers who are delighted with the success of their treatment and who want to share their experiences with others.

We’re always happy and grateful to receive feedback from our patients, as we use this information to continually develop our service, ensuring a positive experience for all of our patients, from your first appointment right through to your post-surgical check up!

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Our Patient Testimonials

Craig Williams

1st July 2020

I am a patient of Mr Hinduja who has recently undergone a right wrist synovectomy. I had been having problems with my wrist for several months and had injections carried out by my GP with no benefit. Upon seeing Mr Hinduja in consultation I could not have been put more at ease. He has a calm, professional manner and he quickly diagnosed my problem. I was sent for a scan and nerve conduction studies which confirmed my diagnosis. I was listed for surgery and could not be happier with the outcome. The pain and swelling in my wrist has completely resolved and I am able to use my arm and hand again as normal.

I could not praise Mr Hinduja enough for the fantastic service I have been given and would certainly recommend him to others.

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